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Slim Fit Jeans: from a trend to a standard From a long-standing trend, Slim Fit has become one of the most popular cuts for both men's and women’s jeans in skateboarding. As the name suggests, this style is characterised by one thing: a tight-fitting, straight-cut leg. These five-pocket pants are made of pure cotton denim or a mix of cotton and stretch materials. Here you can find slim ... [read more]
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Dickies Louisiana Jeans (grey)
Louisiana Jeans
65.00 CHF
RRP 85.00 CHF
Levi's Skate 511 Slim Jeans (chavez)
Skate 511 Slim Jeans
90.00 CHF
RRP 100.00 CHF
Cheap Monday Sonic Jeans (stone)
Cheap Monday
Sonic Jeans
70.00 CHF
RRP 75.00 CHF
Element Desoto Jeans (black mid used)
Desoto Jeans
70.00 CHF
RRP 100.00 CHF
Element Owen Color Jeans (napa red)
Owen Color Jeans
75.00 CHF
RRP 80.00 CHF
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