Do I have to pay shipping costs for the exchange?

No. We don't charge shipping costs for exchange orders within the European Union.
If you want to get your exchange as soon as possible, please consider the instructions "Online exchange" below and place a new order online. We will refund your balance from returns usually within 10 business days, depending on the package's transit time. If shipping costs are billed while placing your online exchange, we can either refund them or not charge them at all before shipment. Just make sure you tell us about your exchange wish according to the instructions below.

How does exchanging a product work?

We advise you to place your exchange order online following the instructions below or forward your exchange wish by phone or e-mail so that the exchange product can be reserved for you when we receive your return.

Online exchange

If you want to exchange online, just order the usual way. Please mind the following instructions:
  1. If you want your credit to be cleared, choose the payment method "pay in advance (bank transfer)". In the comment field write down: "Exchange to order [order n°]" and inform us which products you are returning, so that we can process your exchange faster. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Finish the order as usual.
  3. After that, don't be confused about the automatic e-mail in which you will be asked to issue the money transfer. Just wait for our answer to your comment.

Related topics:

Can my credit be cleared?

Clearing your credit is possible for all payment methods except credit card. Please mind that we can ship your exchange only after having received your return and after having cleared your credit.
If the credit from your return is sufficient for your exchange order you usually receive an e-mail with a shipping confirmation of your exchange order within two business days. If there will be a credit remaining please give us your bank details. If you paid with PayPal, we will reimburse the credit to your PayPal account.
Alternatively you can also get a voucher for your next order :-)

If the credit is not sufficient, we are going to inform you about it. If you tell us what you are going to send back we can calculate the remaining difference before we receive your return. In this way, your exchange order can be processed faster.

Specialty with credit card payments

If you paid with credit card, at first we have to refund your credit due to accounting reasons. After that, the credit card will be charged anew with the invoice amount of your exchange order. We recommend to place a new order and pay again. Possible shipping costs can be eliminated before shipping or be refunded after shipping if you inform us in the comment field.

Will my discount coupon still be valid?

We will grant the discount again for your exchange order if it has to be subtracted from your return due to falling below the minimum merchandise value and if summing it up with the exchange order this minimum merchandise value is reached again. This way you will not lose your discount.