Payment options


After completing your order you will be directly forwarded to the PayPal website through a secured connection (SSL encryption). The payment by PayPal is possible with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, debit advise or giropay. A PayPal account is required for the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account or if you do not want to register at PayPal, you can easily pay with a PayPal guest-account via credit card or debit advise. Please be aware that the desired shipping address has to be confirmed at your PayPal account.

Credit Card

Payment is possible with Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and American Express. Your credit card data is secured through SSL encryption.
MasterCard and VisaCard owners please be aware that an additional authentication is required: the so called 3D-Secure protocol Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. According to the credit institute an additional password is requested to ensure that the credit card owner is informed about the payment.


For the payment with SOFORTbanking you will be directly forwarded the the website of the payment provider through a secured connection (SSL encryption). Please keep your bank code, the login data of your online banking (Login and password/PIN) as well as a valid TAN ready (TAN-list, iTAN, mTAN, smartTAN). Your benefits: direct shipping of your goods, automatic debiting from your online bank account, highest security standards and no additional registration.

Postfinance Card

After the completion of your order you will be forwarded to the input form of Postfinance Card. The ID number on the reverse side and the card number on the front side of your Postfinance Card are required for payment. Additionally, you need your PIN and your card reader for orders over 500 CHF. Your payment data will be transmitted in encrypted form via a secured connection.

Postfinance E-Finance

After the completion of your order you will be forwarded to the input form of Postfinance E-Finance. You need your E-Finance safety elements (E-Finance number and password), your Postfinance Card and the card reader to execute the payment. Your payment data will be transmitted in encrypted form via a secured connection.

Payment in advance

After finishing your order you will see our bank details and also get a confirmation e-mail with our bank information. We will ship your order after we received your payment. Please note that money transfers take up to three business days to be processed. If you need more than seven days for your money transfer please inform us via e-mail or phone.

Problems while paying

If you face any problems with the payment of your order, please contact us by e-mail or phone and tell us your desired payment method. While your order has not been paid for, you can also use a PayPal checkout button to complete the payment. You will find the PayPal button in "My account”.

When is the money at your bank account?

If you pay with PayPal, SOFORTbanking or credit card we will receive the payment within some minutes. When you choose cash on delivery you pay your order in cash on receipt of the package. If you want to pay in advance it may take up to 3 bank business days before we receive your money transfer.

How can I clear existing credit?

Check My Vouchers and Credits in My account for existing credit. If you cannot see your credit and would like to clear it with your new order, let us now in the field for notes when you choose a payment method. Alternatively, you can also call us or write us an e-mail.

Is it possible to pay on account?

We appreciate your understanding that a payment on account ist not possible yet. We are already working on a solution so that we can offer this payment method soon.