skatedeluxe specials

For every ordered skateboard deck you'll get a skatedeluxe Outline griptape for free! Only while supplies last.

For orders of CHF 120 or more, you can add a free skatedeluxe sticker pack to your shopping cart. Simply scroll down to free items in the shopping cart and add the stickers to your order. Only while stock lasts.

Easy access - make your life easier with the skatedeluxe Outline shoehorn! From a merchandise value of CHF 230 you can add the stainless steel shoehorn free of charge to your shopping cart.

Bad air? With our skatedeluxe air freshener you can put an end to it! From a merchandise value of CHF 170 you can add a free air freshener in vanilla or bubblegum scent to your shopping cart.

From a certain merchandise value, you can order a free skate mag* of your choice, such as SOLO, Place, or Vague. Simply scroll down in the shopping cart and add the desired mag to your order. *Only while stocks last.

Simply scroll down the shopping cart and check whether your merchandise value is high enough to qualify for freebies. Above a certain value, you can order selected items* for free. Only one free item per order. *Only while stocks last.