Top 15: The best skateboard deck brands of the year

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Here you can find an overview of the most popular skateboard decks of the past years. Even more review in terms of skateboards you get in the history of skateboarding. The top skateboard deck brands 2021 Baker Element Toy Machine Anti Hero Girl Flip Chocolate Hockey Polar Skate Co. Palace Plan ... [read more]
Top 15 Skateboard Decks

Have you ever wondered which skateboard deck brand is the best? If so, you are certainly not alone. Of course, we don't have a definite answer for that either. However, based on 2022 data, we can tell you which skateboard decks or brands are the most popular.

To do this, we checked sold decks, brand shop visits, search queries and other factors and created a list of the most popular deck brands. Check out the top 15 skateboard deck brands and find out if the small, independent or even long-established brands are among the best according to our ranking.

Our own brand, skatedeluxe, was not considered for the ranking. Still, we say thank you and appreciate the trust you put in our skatedeluxe decks!

By the way, below you can find out which deck brands were the most popular in previous years.

The best Skateboard deck brands of the year 2022

The best decks of 2022 - enjoi Skateboards

15. enjoi

enjoi convinced this year with one of the most fun tour videos ever. The young team around Louie Barletta is definitely having fun - and you can tell! So enjoi can certainly be seen in the top 15 this year.

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The best decks of 2022 - Flip Skateboards

14. Flip

Not only because of the skate legends Tom Penny, Lance Mountain or Arto Saari Flip Skateboards is one of the most popular deck brands. Originally from England, the company has been providing you with first-class decks and more for over 20 years.

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The best decks of 2022 - Passport Skateboards

13. Passport

The Australian brand Pass~Port has been doing everything right for several years: lovingly designed skate videos, a design department that is second to none and first-class decks. Skateboarding needs brands like Pass~Port!

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The best decks of 2022 - Element

12. Element

Element Skateboards are going their own way and it seems to be worth it. Interesting and unique collaborations, diverse deck designs and the video "E.S.P. Vol.2" bring Element back into the top 15 skate brands of 2022.

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The best decks of 2022 - Chocolate Skateboards

11. Chocolate

Seems like they´re here to stay: Chocolate Skateboards. The sister company of Girl could convince with classic deck graphics, solid edits and a young, motivated skate team.

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The best decks of 2022 - GX1000

10. GX1000

With a Euro-Tour video including skatedeluxe teamrider Willow Voges Fernandes, the full-length "Right Here For Pablo" and a lot of trippy deck graphics, GX1000 was the talk of the town this year. Completely rightly represented in our Top 15.

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The best decks of 2022 - Palace Skateboards

9. Palace

"London's Finest" Palace Skateboards not only delivered top-notch decks with distinctive graphics in 2022, but also produced plenty of unique collabs. Palace definitely knows how to stay in the conversation and is therefore represented in the list of the Top 15 deck brands 2022.

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The best decks of 2022 - krooked

8. krooked

krooked Skateboards is the skate brand of Mark Gonzales and impresses with unique designs and a team of scene greats. With new additions like Eddie Cernicky, Matt Gottwig and Una Farrar, the future of krooked is definitely in good hands.

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The best decks of 2022 - Girl Skateboards

7. Girl

Girl Skateboard decks were especially popular in 2022. Two great tour videos, a young team paired with skate legends and timeless logos make Girl Skateboards one of the most popular deck brands around. Can't go wrong with the classics!

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The best decks of 2022 - Toy Machine Skateboards

6. Toy Machine

A team of young talent and well-known skate greats, plus graphics by Ed Templeton himself. No wonder Toy Machine is back on top in 2022. Cheers to the Loyal Pawns and the Bloodsucking Skateboard Company Toy Machine!

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The best decks of 2022 - Hockey Skateboards

5. Hockey

A brand like Hockey is looking for its equal. Founded by Jason Dill and AVE, the brand stands out for its particularly creative graphics. The artistic claim of HOCKEY is also evident in the current full-length "Hockey X". Hockey is rightfully among the top 15 deck brands, because the brand is anything but boring.

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The best decks of 2022 - Real Skateboards

4. Real

Mason Silva, Ishod Wair, Dennis Busenitz, Hermann Stene, Harry Lintell and many other top-class skaters are part of the Real Skateboards team. Not only the team, but also the decks of Real convince completely and give Real this year the fourth place!

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The best decks of 2022 - Anti Hero Skateboards

3. Anti Hero

The brand with the iconic Classic Eagle logo is still one of the most sought-after deck brands. One of the best skate teams ever, hard skating and the usual high quality of Anti Hero decks know how to convince. 3rd place for the Anti Heroes!

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The best decks of 2022 - Baker Skateboards

2. Baker

Baker Skateboard decks are more popular than ever and the brand of Andrew Reynolds & Co. has again provided fun skate edits, best quality and varied graphics in 2022.

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The best decks of 2022 - Polar Skate Co. Skateboards

1. Polar Skate Co.

"Sounds like you guys are crushing it" - Pontus Alv was definitely right. Thanks to innovative shapes, an unprecedented video and a lot of fun, Polar Skate Co. makes it to number 1 of the Top 15 this year - and we think it's well deserved.

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