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Skateboarding doesn’t just stop the second you step off your board. If it’s truly your passion, you proudly rep it in every aspect of your life. In the skatedeluxe Online Skate Shop, you’ll find a bunch of awesome gadgets and useful items that aren’t necessarily useful for skateboarding, but are definitely inspired by it. Here we have sexy accessories for your apartment, ... [read more]
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Sneaker LAB Cleaning Kit 4 Piece Acc.
Sneaker LAB
Cleaning Kit 4 Piece Acc.
22,95 CHF
RRP 27,95 CHF
(18,63 CHF 100 ml)
(15,30 CHF / 100 ml)
Mizu V5 Flask (soft touch black)
V5 Flask
42,95 CHF
Mizu M8 Flask (stainless steel)
M8 Flask
27,95 CHF
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