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Hoodies are good, zip hoodies are better! Hooded pullovers with zippers make a skater’s life much easier. They can be quickly pulled on or off without having to remove caps or beanies. You can find the perfect zip hoodie from top skate brands like Element, Iriedaily and Volcom all online at skatedeluxe! Skate Zip Hoodies – Classic, practical, good! A zip hoodie is, as the name ... [read more]
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Santa Cruz Simple Dot Zip-Hoodie (carbon melange)
Santa Cruz
Simple Dot Zip-Hoodie
80.00 CHF
RRP 100.00 CHF
Patagonia P-6 Logo Zip-Hoodie (black)
P-6 Logo Zip-Hoodie
100.00 CHF
RRP 110.00 CHF
Element Horizontal Zip-Hoodie (flint black)
Horizontal Zip-Hoodie
65.00 CHF
RRP 85.00 CHF
Volcom Darwin Zip-Hoodie (black)
Darwin Zip-Hoodie
75.00 CHF
RRP 95.00 CHF
Element Cornell Overdye Zip-Hoodie (ash grey)
Cornell Overdye Zip-Hoodie
55.00 CHF
RRP 80.00 CHF
Element Signature Zip-Hoodie (eclipse navy)
Signature Zip-Hoodie
37.00 CHF
RRP 75.00 CHF
Iriedaily Desire Flag Zip-Hoodie (maroon melange)
Desire Flag Zip-Hoodie
49.00 CHF
RRP 85.00 CHF
Element Northwest Zip-Hoodie (grey heather)
Northwest Zip-Hoodie
39.00 CHF
RRP 85.00 CHF
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