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Ride it for Real, Stay Loose and Once and for All — Slay Boredom. Born in the French Alps, Salomon Snowboards has been building and designing innovative snowboards, boots and bindings since 1995. Originally based in Annecy/France, Salomon has climbed the mountains of success by releasing excellent and high-quality snowboard gear, also including complete snowboard sets and packages. Now with the ... [read more]
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Salomon Launch Boots 2016/17 (dark khaki)
Launch Boots
CHF 210.00
CHF 290.00
Salomon Hi-Fi Boots 2016/17 (black silver black)
Hi-Fi Boots
CHF 340.00
CHF 520.00
Salomon Dialogue Wide Boots 2016/17 (black atomic)
Dialogue Wide Boots
CHF 230.00
CHF 330.00