How to Review a Product

We want your review to be useful for others and nice to read!
Please write reviews only if you possess the product or if you have possessed it in the past. Your review should contain between 75 and 300 words, depending on the product. Please write at least 20 words.

What should be in there:

  • Your review should refer to special features and your experience with the product.
  • Name the reasons why you liked the product or not. Feel free to name similar products and compare them.
  • Mention for how long you've been using the product.

What should not be in there:
We're very happy that you take your personal time to write a product review, but we don't like the following things:

  • repetitive wording for several products
  • spelling mistakes, since your review should be easy to read for others :-)
  • reviews for products you don't possess
  • derogatory or obscene reviews
  • links to other websites and personal data like e-mail addresses or phone numbers
  • information about other online shops (local shops are safe :-)