Lucky ABEC 7 Bearings (green)

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The Lucky Abec 7 bearings do what they promise. Fast rolling and long life. Eight nice bearings come in a Lucky metalbox straight in oil.

contents: 8 ABEC 7 bearings

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39 reviews for Lucky ABEC 7 Bearings (green)

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Language: English
Date: 13.09.2012
Author: Tomas (2)

I still use one pack of these bearings since 1st August 2009. I used them for ride on street (mostly classical blacktop). These bearings are really easy to cleaning and relubrication, because one side of these bearings is open and doesn't protect steel shield. Periodically cleaning and relubricating the bearings prolongated them life time (I'm cleaning and relubrication them every 1-2 month. Check the bearings if each bearing spin freely and smoothly. When they aren't, it's time for cleaning them). I don't recommend remove stainless steel shield on other side of the bearings, before cleaning beacuse this kind of shield is doesn't designed to remove. I use for the cleaning these bearings Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit tool from Bones company. I think that it isn't problem create own homemade cleaning unit tool. I recommened follow the cleaning instruction (include on paper inside Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit or on Bones website) for cleaning bearings. For the cleaning them I use solvent like pure 99,5% Isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning bearings I use for quickly drying them cans of compressed air. For relubrication bearings I use Bones Speed Cream Lubricant, which include instructions for correct cleaning and relubrication bearings. I recommend read it again. During long term using these bearings, it can be happend that the stainless steel shield is loosed spontaneously and if you put shield back, during using it is loosed again and partially is destroyed. I used little bit of superglue for fix this problem. Problem with uneven wear out wheels and with destroy bearing in consequence uneven divide pressure on each bearing is solved by periodically cross changing position wheels on trucks.

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