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You are looking for a new deck, brand new shoes or maybe a jacket and want to save money at the same time? How about a discount for your next order! Just have a look at our huge selection of shoes, streetwear as well as skateboards, longboards and snowboards, get the styles you want and save money with our exclusive coupon codes!

Coupon Code: F268-1BCC-78C1

Value: 15,00 CHF
Minimum value of goods: 150,00 CHF
Valid until: 31.03.2017

This is how the coupon works:

The discount coupon can be redeemed in your shopping cart before you go to the checkout page. If the minimum value of goods is reached the discount will be deducted from the total amount of your shopping cart. Note that discount coupons remain stored only as long as you're logged in. When loggin in again after being logged out you'll have to enter the coupon code again.

If you have further questions about how to redeem the voucher please contact our customer service.